1.0 Introduction


The transportation system within the Town of Huntersville has historically played (and will continue to play) a central role in defining the character of the Town. This “system” has provided the framework for how the community has developed over time and will continue to develop in the future. The components of this system, as well as their integration with the existing land use pattern, will play a significant role in defining the town’s built environment through 2030.

The rapid growth of Huntersville over the past 20 years and the likely continuation of this growth pattern highlight the need for a renewed emphasis on long-range transportation planning and system development through 2030.

Finally, recent statewide and regional analyses have served to highlight the large disparity between transportation needs and the resources to meet these needs. Land use patterns and transportation investments must be subjected to a rigorous strategic analysis and prioritization process, in order for the Town to retain its economic vitality.