7.0 Comprehensive Transportation Plan


Since the 1970’s the primary method for organizing the framework for the region’s transportation system has been through the development and updating of “Thoroughfare Plans.” Map T-1 shows the existing MUMPO Thoroughfare Plan as it applies to Huntersville.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

In 2009, NC General Assembly made a policy decision to replace the existing process for thoroughfare planning with the “Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).” The CTP will be prepared under the direction and guidance of the appropriate regional transportation planning organization (RPO) or metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for a jurisdiction.

The CTP is intended to be a multi-modal document that is not constrained by time or funding. It will show the transportation network anticipated to serve the region’s major travel needs. The CTP will serve as the initial source document for the selection of projects to be considered for the LRTP as well as the basis for right-of-way protection efforts.

The CTP will include maps for the major roadway system, transit routes, and bicycle provisions. The manner of portraying the pedestrian network is yet to be determined. The final CTP will reflect reconciliation with NCDOT’s Complete Streets policy initiative, scheduled for a Fall 2011 completion. Finally, appendices with more detailed description of desired cross-sections for each roadway segment will be developed.

Map T-1 - MUMPO Thoroughfare Plan

Map T-1 MUMPO Thoroughfare Plan