8.0 Recent & Planned Road Improvements


Since 2005, a number of road improvements have been undertaken in Huntersville. Projects completed or underway include the following:

  • Gilead Road/Huntersville-Concord Road intersection improvements
  • Gilead Road/Ranson Road - Signal and turn lanes
  • McCord Road/NC 115 - Signal and turn lanes
  • NC 73 Widening (US 21 to NC 115) - 2012 scheduled completion
  • Ramah Church Road/NC 115 - Signal and turn lanes
  • Stumptown Road Extension/Ramah Church Road Roundabout
  • Verhoeff/NC 115 - Bridge construction and turn lanes - 2012 scheduled completion


Taken together, these roadway projects offer significant improvements to the existing transportation system. Some of these projects have been funded entirely by the Town, private developers, the State or a combination of one or more groups.