9.0 Traffic Growth & Modeling

Regional Travel Demand ModelTypical Residential Street in Huntersville

Among its responsibilities, MUMPO is charged with preparation of a “Regional Travel Demand Model,” which is used for a variety of purposes, including identifying the need for future road projects based upon population and employment projections. This data underlies all elements of the Long- Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The City of Charlotte DOT maintains the Travel Demand Model for MUMPO.

The model provides information used in determining that transportation plans and investments within MUMPO conform to the air quality plans for the area. This determines “conformity” with Federal air quality guidelines.

Conformity with these guidelines is necessary in order for the region to qualify for Federal transportation funding, as well as other funding from the State. Detailed information on the model, the Long-Range Transportation Plan, and the air quality conformity analysis can be viewed on MUMPOs website.