12.0 Pedestrian & Bicycle Circulation


It is the policy of the Town of Huntersville that pedestrians and bicyclists be accommodated in addition to automobiles and other forms of motorized transportation. As previously noted, with certain exceptions, sidewalks are required on all new (public) streets as well as along the frontage of existing streets where redevelopment occurs.

As the community grows, relatively short block lengths and high levels of connectivity afford many pedestrian routes and fairly direct connections to activity centers. Map T-2 shows an inventory of all existing sidewalks within the town limits. Intentional bicycle accommodations (wide outside lane, bike lane or bike paths) are required on all thoroughfares. MUMPO’s LRTP calls for bicycle and pedestrian accommodations on all designated major and minor thoroughfares.

Finally, the connectivity of Town streets allows the bicyclist low volume and low speed routes that do not need additional accommodation.

Map T-2 - Existing Sidewalk Locations

Map T-2 Existing Sidewalk Locations