15.0 Transportation Policies & Action Items

Policy T-1: Apportionment of Transportation Funds

Maintain and refine Town Board adopted policy to apportion transportation system funding for local transportation projects (e.g. capital, maintenance and system operation).

Action T-1.1: Analysis Based Decision-Making

Implement data gathering and analysis programs necessary to reach data-driven decisions on funding transportation projects.

Action T-1.2: Funding Policy

Review transportation funding policy on regular basis and revise to reflect transportation system priorities.

Policy T-2: Public/Private Partnerships (PPP)

Support innovative and alternative funding efforts (including public/private and public/public partnerships) to increase the number of transportation projects that can be implemented by 2030.

Policy T-3: Local Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Create and maintain local “Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)” for projects to be funded primarily by local revenue and incorporated in the five year Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Action T-3.1: Implement Low Cost/High Benefit Projects

Identify and prioritize high benefit, lower cost roadway projects for funding and implementation on an annual basis.

Action T-3.2: Apportionment of Staff Resources

Determine appropriate staff resources and private sector support necessary to plan and implement selected transportation projects.

Policy T-4

Complete Streets Policy Support NCDOT “Complete Streets Policy,” as adopted by the NC State Board of Transportation.

Action T-4.1: Develop Procedures for Complete Streets

Provide support to NCDOT work group that is developing implementation procedures for “Complete Streets Policy.”

Policy T-5: Context-Sensitive Design of Streets

Continue to support “context-sensitive” design of streets and the selection of appropriate street section designs for residential, commercial and industrial developments applications.

Action T-5.1: Street Design Guidelines

Finalize “Town of Huntersville Street Design Guidelines Plan,” to include recommended street sections accommodating all modes of transportation and a selection process for determining appropriate sections for new and existing streets.

Action T-5.2: Way Finding Signage Plan

Prepare a uniform “Way Finding” signage plan for the Town of Huntersville with special attention on Downtown.

Policy T-6

Pedestrian Connections Support the installation of sidewalks, bikeways and greenway trails connecting residential, commercial, employment, recreational and institutional uses.

Action T-6.1: Pedestrian Master Plan

Prepare “Pedestrian Master Plan” for Town, including inventory of existing sidewalks and a prioritized implementation schedule for enhancement and expansion of the existing pedestrian transportation network through public and private (in coordination with new development) funding.

Action T-6.2: Greenways & Bikeways

Implement “Greenway and Bikeway Master Plan,” including the prioritization and funding of greenway trails and bikeways through a combination of public and private funding.

Action T-6.3: Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Utilize Complete Streets concepts in creation of “Comprehensive Transportation Plan.”

Policy T-7: Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance (TIAO)

Continue to apply requirements of “Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)” Ordinance, including Level of Service (LOS) and mitigation of impacts generated by new development.

Action T-7.1: Traffic Impact Analysis Ordinance - Levels of Service

Review Level of Service requirements in TIA Ordinance on annual basis and adjust as necessary to achieve desired land use pattern reflected in 2030 Community Plan.

Policy T-8

Street Connectivity Promote and require street connectivity in the Town of Huntersville among residential, commercial, employment, recreational and institutional uses.

Action T-8.1: Connectivity Master Plan

Prepare “Connectivity Master Plan” identifying recommended vehicular, pedestrian and bikeway connections between existing and proposed streets.

Action T-8.2: Connectivity Ordinance

Prepare and adopt Ordinance amendments necessary to implement “Connectivity Master Plan.”

Policy T-9: State Transportation Equity Formula

Support efforts to revise NCDOT “Equity Formula” for funding transportation projects.

Action T-9.1: Revise Equity Formula

Support and actively participate in legislative study committees to revise the Equity Formula.

Policy T-10

Regional Cooperation Participate in organizations such as the “Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO),” “Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC),” “Lake Norman Transportation Commission (LNTC),” and Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) to maintain Town’s role in regional transportation efforts.

Action T-10.1: Coordination of Town Participation in Regional Organizations

Coordinate among Town Board representatives to various regional transportation organizations, to ensure that Huntersville receives fair and equitable treatment.

Policy T-11

Commuter Rail Advocate for implementation of North Corridor Commuter Rail line, consistent with MTC efforts.

Action T-11.1: Transit Oriented Development

Support “Red Line Task Force” efforts to advance North Corridor, including dedication of local share of taxes generated by “Transit-Oriented Development.”