Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste is collected every week on the same day as garbage. The green curbside container is used for yard waste collection.

What is Yard Waste?

Yard waste includes excess leaves, grass, tree trimmings, shrubbery trimmings and other organic material removed in general maintenance of property by the homeowner. Yard Waste does not consist of construction debris, demolition debris, dirt, rock, mulch, brick, block, sod, water, pavement, or any other material that could be defined as household waste or is not compost material. This does not include trees.

Yard Waste Guidelines

  • Yard Waste must be placed in the yard cart and at the curb by 7:00 a.m. of the specified pick-up day. Debris are not to be placed on the sidewalk.
  • Please leave space between all curbside containers of 3 feet. Leave 2 feet between a container and stationary object such as a mailbox.
  • Yard Waste containers with limbs (no more than 12 inches above the rim) will be collected.
  • Waste generated by private landscapers will not be collected.
  • Grass clippings will not be collected in bags. Residents who consistently generate more than one container of grass clippings per week may add another cart for a monthly fee payable to Waste Connectors.
  • Plastic bags are not allowed in the roll-out container.
  • During heavy leaf season generating months (October 26-February 1) Waste Connections will collect up to 10 bags of leaves per week at each residence. Up to 5 bags will be collected during months not designated as part of heavy leaf season. Bags must be clear or transparent and no larger than 25 gallon. Opaque bags may be used as long as they are left open. Kraft yard waste bags are also permitted and may be available for pickup at the North Mecklenburg Recycling center.
  • During the holidays, the contractor will collect Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths. These items must be stripped of all wires, lights, ornaments, etc. THESE ITEMS ARE ONLY COLLECTED DURING THE 2 WEEKS FOLLOWING THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY

Residents can schedule a bulk pick-up for brush or take it to the North Mecklenburg Yard Waste Facility at 12300 N. Statesville Road. Charges may apply depending on vehicle type and quantity of materials.