Ad Valorem Tax

Tax Collection Overview

  • Annual property tax rate is set based on property assessed valuations obtained from Mecklenburg County
  • Mecklenburg County is the Town's Property Tax Collection Agent
  • Tax bills are prepared and mailed each year in September
  • Tax bills are due upon receipt; interest begins to accrue early in January of the following year
  • Current and past Tax Rates are available at Mecklenburg County Jurisdiction Tax Rates

Yearly Property Taxes (as of Fiscal Year 2024)

  • Mecklenburg County property tax =  value of your property, divide by 100 and multiply by $0.4731
  • Town of Huntersville property tax = value of your property, divide by 100 and multiply by $0.1760
  • Mecklenburg County solid waste fee = $44.50
  • Town of Huntersville residents solid waste fee =$154  (supports collection of residential solid waste, yard waste and recycling)
  • To search for your tax bill, view Bill Search

Yearly Vehicle Fee

  • Town residents pay a $20 Vehicle Fee to support the Town's Transportation Reserve Fund 

Paying Taxes

To pay taxes, view How and Where to Pay from Mecklenburg County