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For more information, please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 704-766-2220
2019 Resurfacing Town Roads - Completed
The Town of Huntersville's annual road resurfacing project is now complete. The Town would like to thank the residents for their patience. 
I-77 Interchange at Exit 23 and US 21 (Statesville Road) at Gilead Road Intersection
The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is scheduled to begin construction on the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) over I-77 at exit 23 Gilead Road. The addition of a bridge over I-77 is the first part of constructing the DDI.
The US21 and Gilead Road intersection will become a superstreet with restricted left turns. This will allow through traffic to move more efficiently to and from I-77. The US21 project will also connect smaller streets like Dallas St, Hillcrest Dr and Commerce Center Dr to US21. 
Contact NCDOT representative Ms. Beverly Robinson, 919-707-6041, for additional information or view the public handout HERE.  

Downtown Main Street Upgrades
This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes new roundabouts at the North and South ends of Main Street. The Town has completed the property acquisition stage of the project. The next stage will be utility relocation and clearing some sites. The project drawings are continually being updated and are scheduled to be completed fall 2019. For an overall view of the new Main Street click HERE.

Holbrook Street Extension
The Holbrook Street Extension project will extend west from Pinewood Dr. to Dallas St. This extension of the road will tie into Marguertie Lane and allow access to the Aldi’s plaza. The Right of Way (ROW) drawings have been completed and The Town is beginning the property acquisition. An illustration of can be found HERE.

Gibson Park Drive
The objective of this project is to provide a safer street for motorists and pedestrians between US115 (Old Statesville) and Main Street. The Town will widen Gibson Park Drive to two (2) lanes with curb and gutter, and add a sidewalk on the north side. The Town is starting the property acquisition phase of the project.

Vance Road Extension at Bud Henderson Road
The Town of Huntersville desires to provide capacity improvements to Vance Road between Gilead Road and Old Bud Henderson Road. The project will extend and realign Vance Road on the north side. New turning lanes and a potential traffic signal will improve the traffic flow from Gilead Road to Bud Henderson. Our consultant has prepared the Preliminary Plan for this layout.

Hambright Road at Mt.Holly-Huntersville Road
As part of a partnership with the Lake Norman Charter School, the Town added an east and westbound right-turn lane on Hambright. This project was completed in late 2018.  Click here for a finished photo.

Hambright Road at Statesville Road (U21)
As part of a partnership with the Lake Norman Charter School, left turns lanes will be added on Hambright Road at US21. This project was completed in August 2019.  Click here for a finished photo.

Mt.Holly-Huntersville at Statesville Road (U21) 
As part of a partnership with the Lake Norman Charter School, a left-turn lane from Mt.Holly Huntersville Road ramp to connect to US21 was completed in the fall of 2018.

Gilead Road Improvements from McCoy to Wynfield Creek

The improvements to this segment of Gilead Road will include the widening of the existing two-lane section to a four-lane median-divided section. The new cross section will include two (2) vehicular lanes, one (1) bicycle lane and one (1) sidewalk in each direction with median/turn lanes at each intersection. The Environmental documents have been approved and our consultant is working on preliminary roadway plans.  Click here for the overall plan concept

Patterson Road at Hambright Road
Patterson Road is complete! The Town will add left and right turning lanes at the Patterson Hambright intersection. Construction of the turn lanes will begin at the intersection and along Hambright Road, once utility work is completed. 

S.Maxwell Ave and Main St. Parking Lot
The parking lot on S.Main St just south of Huntersville-Concord is now open to the public! Additional landscaping will be completed this fall. We hope that residents enjoy this free parking lot. Click here for a finished photo

Verhoeff Road Intersection Improvement
The signals at both the 3-way intersections of Verhoeff Drive were in test mode for a week but are now fully functioning.  Please continue be aware of the changes to these two (2) intersections.  Click here to see the updated photos of the intersections, NC115 and Verhoeff Drive and at US21 and Verhoeff Drive.