Building Permits

Where do I get a residential or commercial building permit?

Do I need a building permit for... 

  • Decks, swimming pools, and accessory dwelling units all require building permits.
  • Sheds/Storage buildings are also known as accessory structures. If any dimension of a shed is greater than 12 feet, or if the total area of the structure is greater than 144 square feet, then a building permit is required.  If all dimensions of a shed are less than or equal to 12 feet and the area of the structure is less than or equal to 144 square feet under you will only need a Zoning Use Permit
  • At-grade concrete or paver patios do not require building permits. 
    • We recommend you review Impervious restrictions to see if this applies to your property.

Do I need a zoning permit?

  • All items that require a building permit will automatically be routed by Mecklenburg County to Huntersville for zoning approval, please review the ’notes’ in the Mecklenburg Permitting system for any requests for additional information. 
  • If your project does not require a building permit, it may require a zoning permit. Common zoning permits are for sheds, home-based businesses, family care homes, mobile food sales, home daycares, temporary seasonal markets, construction trailers, and commercial change of use. This list does not include all items that may require a zoning permit. To inquire if your project requires a zoning permit contact us at

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