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Liability Claim Report

  1. Liability Claim Report
  2. Claim for Damages

    If you have been involved in an incident or accident resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage and wish to file a claim against the Town of Huntersville, you will need to submit a written claim.

    Claim Process 

    Upon receipt of the claim, Human Resources staff will review the submitted information and contact you if any additional information is needed. Once all information is compiled, a claims adjuster from the Town’s third-party administrator will contact you, typically within 48 business hours from the date they receive the complete claim information. An investigation must be conducted by the claims adjuster before a final decision on liability and/or payment(s) will be made. There are many variables during the claim investigation, and this process can take up to 30 days or longer depending on the nature of your claim.  

    Liability and Legal Rights

    Following this procedure does not mean the Town of Huntersville is accepting liability for your claim. It does not waive any legal rights that you and/or the Town may be able to rely on. Sole authority to settle and/or pay claims rests with our third-party administrator. Employees are not authorized to determine liability or obligate the Town for payment of a claim. 

  3. Share any facts concerning how and any circumstances under which injury/damage occurred.  Describe alleged defect.

  4. Attach/send copies of original receipts or estimates for replacement.

  5. Were any injuries sustained?*
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  7. Please upload any evidence of the incident including photo(s) of damaged property, estimate(s) for replacement, police report (if applicable), and any other relevant information.

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