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Helping Hands Sponsorship Application


  1. 1. Information and Referring Person Contact
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  • Information and Referring Person Contact

    1. Helping Hands Program: helping families in need for the holidays

    2. Confidentiality

      Our program is confidential. We do not provide personal information regarding the individuals or families we are helping, (beyond the minimum required to be successful). Nor do we provide information about the donors to the recipients, unless the donor wishes to help beyond the program limits and requests us to share their contact information.

    3. Requirements:

      This program is designed to help those who live or attend school in the Town of Huntersville. We are limited to the number of individuals and/or families we can help, but will make every effort to help those in need. Due to our limitations, we will seek out those who have not received assistance before as a priority.

    4. Sponsorship Type:*

      Full sponsorship includes, clothing, toys and some food items. Partial sponsorship is for singular item request such as only clothing, only toys or only food.

    5. Sponsorship Level*

    6. Are You Willing to Split a Family for Coverage?*